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  • Sardinian Cheese

    Sardinian cheeses comes from an ancient pastoral tradition and they are one of the food specialties from Sardinia. Discover the wide variety of Sardinian cheese suggested on Imprentas online store: from classic Pecorino in different maturing to the peppered type, and don’t forget the “Caciotta di pecora”, Casizolu and Pecorino Romano DOP. Discover all types of Sardinian Cheeses  proposed on Imprentas online store: from famous Pecorino to Pecorino but also Caciotta sheep, Casizolu and Pecorino Romano DOP.

  • Carni Sarde
  • Sardinian Cold Cuts...

    Salami suggested by Imprentas online store are coming from local artisan producers. Particularly pork and wild pig sausages are ideal as fanciful appetizer but they are also perfect to be cooked with vegetables and flans. Salami are packed under vacuum to keep undamaged quality and make easier the handling and transport.

  • Specialties

    Mullet Bottarga, Tuna Bottarga and olive Extravergine oil are typical Sardinian products suggested in this section. Particularly mullet Bottarga with strong taste and intense sea flavor is a typical and very precious product to be proposed in exclusive and original dinners. Olive Extravergine oil proposed comes from local olive groves and it is perfect to be tasted uncooked to enjoy even better its nice flavor.

  • Bread & Pasta

    Sardinia can boast a very long tradition in working durum wheat flour to prepare famous typical products such as: Pane Carasau, Fregola,  Malloreddus, Culurgionis and much more. In this section you can find a wide selection of typical Sardinian bread and pasta made according to the ancient tradition.

  • Pickled & Preserved

    Appetizing aubergines creams, hot peppers and artichokes creams, fanciful in oil food as Cardoons, Squashes and aubergines. Such products are prepared with homemade processing of vegetables coming from local cultivations without dyeing and preserving additives. Ideal as appetizers or to enrich sauces and recipes.

  • Sweets

    Typical Sardinian sweets: from celebrated Seadas to the Sospiri al Mirto (Myrtle Sighs) or Torroncini e Amaretti (nougat and almonds sweets), all of them prepared following the ancient Sardinian tradition and for a sweet souvenir of Sardinian lands.

  • Sardinian Honey and Jams

    Typical Sardinian honey available in different types such as: wildflowers honey, asphodel honey and the very rare wild lavender honey. All Imprentas honeys are produced from various Sardinian flowers and can be used to match cheese, fruits salads and to be used in recipes of any sweets. Sweet and salted jams: ideal to match cheese, like traditional Abbattu, jam of pears and pepper, onions jam and much more. Produced only with local vegetables and fruits from Sardinia, without dyeing and preserving additives.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items