Seadas - Typical dessert

Specialties typical of the Sardinian tradition, usually served as a dessert covered with warm honey. However, it can also be enjoyed in savory version, as a snack or full version of appetizer with cheeses and cold cuts.
Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 240 gr

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Ingredients farina 00-strutto raffinato-acqua-zucchero-formaggio vaccino fresco-semola di grano duro-scorza di limone 4%
Valori Nutrizionali per 100 gr
Energia Kcal/Kj 336.1/1406.8
Fats or lipids 14.9 gr
di cui grassi saturi g. 9.9 gr
Carboidrati g. 35.9 gr
di cui zuccheri g. 7.8 gr
Proteins 14.5 gr
Mineral Salt 0.16 gr

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