Argiolas - Costera

Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C.

Costera is a red wine D.O.C. - is made from Cannonau, Carignan  and Bovale. The resulting wine is intense ruby red with garnet tinges and has a intensely vinous nose, typical of Cannonau.. The palate is  warm, well-rounded, well structured and excellently balanced. Costera is great as a aperetif or with first courses with tasty condiments, roast suckling pig and lamb, Sardinian pecorino cheese, medium or long matured.

Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 750 ml
14% Vol.
Serve at temperature 16-18 degrees.

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    ottimo vino rosso

    un vino eccellente!!!1 ho fatto il compèleanno al mio compagno tutti ha farmi i complimenti

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