Onions Jam

Artisan jam made from onions clubs in the north of Sardinia, without preservatives or colorings. Shown to enhance the flavor of soft cheeses due to its delicate texture and contrasts nicely aromatic.

Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 230 gr

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Product Information

Ingredients zucchero-aceto di vino. Frutta utilizzata 72%- zuccheri totali 55%.
Valori Nutrizionali per 100 gr
Energia Kcal/Kj 170/720
Fats or lipids 0.1 gr
di cui grassi saturi g. 0 gr
Carboidrati g. 41.2 gr
di cui zuccheri g. 40.6 gr
Proteins 0.7 gr
Mineral Salt 0.2 gr
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