Pork Sausage with Mirto

Pork product made from pork national to coarse grinding, flavored with myrtle. An interesting variant for the starter, with a strong call to land and tradition with the aroma derived directly from myrtle berries.

Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 700 gr

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10,50 €

Product Information

Ingredients Carne di suino -sale - spezie - aromi - destrosio - Conservante E252 – E250 - Antiossidante E300
Valori Nutrizionali per 100 gr.
Energia Kcal/Kj 340.4/1425.1
Fats or lipids 24.6 gr
di cui grassi saturi g. 8.9 gr
Carboidrati g. 0.6 gr
di cui zuccheri g. 0.5 gr
Proteins 29.9 gr
Mineral Salt 3.6 gr
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