Pork and Wild Boar Sausage

Pork product made from pork domestic and wild boar, the curing limited. An intense, delicious flavor and soft texture of the meat, making it an essential ingredient for an appetizer of excellence.
Maturing: 20 days max.

Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 700 gr

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9,50 €

Product Information

Ingredients Pork 70%, 30% wild boar meat, salt, spices, flavorings, sucrose, dextrose. Preservative E252 - E250, Antioxidant E300.
Proteins 33 gr
Fats or lipids 15 gr
Calories (in 100g) 268 Kcal
Sugar or carbohydrates 0 gr
Sodium chloride 4 gr
Mineral Salt 0.4 gr

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