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Sardinian Starter with Meats and Cheeses

Ingredients for 4 person:

Pork sausage and wild boar -100 gr

Sausage myrtle -100 gr

Lard myrtle -100 gr

Pecorino heel -100 gr

Caciotta sheep -100 gr

Casizolu-100 gr

Bistoccu Bread -1 package

Wild Thistles in Oil -1 package

15 minutes

4 person

Difficulty 1

Cut the bacon into thin slices, arranging them side by side on a cutting board and a little 'honey and walnuts.

Slice the sausage and sausage mixed with myrtle and place in another dish. In a third dish you have instead of cheese, also cut into slices, accompanied by a dose of each jam and black olives.

Then prepare the croutons, breaking into small pieces of bread on which bistoccu adagerete thistles oil, for a less crisp you can moisten the bread with a bit 'of water.

For an appetizer even more distinctive, you can choose to lay the ingredients on a tray in cork.

Then serve to the table accompanied by a good red wine


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