Toasted Bread bistoccu and Local Products

Ingredients for 8 person:

Pane Bistoccu -4 slices

Extra virgin olive oil

Cream of peppers-1 package

Jam peppers-1 package

Cream cheese- 1 package

Cherry Tomatoes- 100gr

Caciotta di Sindia- 50 gr

Anchovies in oil

Black olives-100gr

Salt- of taste

8 person

10 Minutes

Difficulty 1

Take a slice of bread bistoccu and divide it into smaller parts, spalmatevi over the cream cheese by adding a pair of black olives, pitted and mashed on each slice.

Repeat the same operation with another slice spalmandovi over the cream of peppers and add the chopped anchovies.

Moisten a third slice of bread with a little 'cold water, divide it into parts dela same size as the other or even larger, add the tomatoes crushing them with your fingers, seasoned with olive oil, salt and rosemary.

Serve accompanied with cheese and cold cuts. The crostini can also be implemented using artichoke or eggplant, depending on your taste.


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