Wild thistles in Oil

Product gastronomy based on thistles and oil, made from raw materials sourced locally, without colorings or preservatives. Widely regarded as an ancestor of the artichoke, cardoon vaguely remember the taste. Ideal appetizer with cheese.

Gluten-Free Yes
Pack 280 gr

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Product Information

Ingredients Cardi 58% - olio di semi di girasole - piante aromatiche - peperoncino - aceto di vino - sale - correttore di acidità: acido citrico - antiossidante: acido ascorbico
Valori Nutrizionali per 100 gr
Energia Kcal/Kj 182/761
Fats or lipids 16,6
di cui grassi saturi g. 2,8
Carboidrati g. 6,8
di cui zuccheri g. 2,4
Proteins 1,3
Mineral Salt 1,73

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